The materials made available to the public in our presentations, publications, websites, videos, or via any other media reflect years of ongoing research which continues at this time. Some of the concepts, principles, and methods discussed therein have not been clinically validated, and will be the subject of further research and development to be conducted by Advanced Reproductive Testing, LLC (ART) and its associates.

ART is not CURRENTLY licensed as a provider of medical care or testing services in any state.


At this stage of development ART is providing these materials for education and discussion purposes only. ART does not warrant or make any representations as to the quality, reliability or efficacy of any tests, results, methods, products or processes alluded to in our materials. Members of the public should consult their physicians or other health care providers as to the relevancy of ART’s information to their particular situation. ART emphasizes that only your health care provider can assess your current state of health, based upon many factors which ART has not and will not endeavor to obtain, determine or evaluate.

Medical professionals, academic researchers and members of the public who would liketo engage in further discussion with our founders should send inquiries via info@papseek.com

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