We have a true passion for babies and mothers. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of molecular biologist, sequencing and computer specialists, as well as clinicians and experts in the field. 

Current Openings 


Seeking scientist with a PhD and expertise in molecular biology to preform next generation sequencing, library construction, and develop molecular approaches for prenatal genetic analysis. Opportunity to work in both a university laboratory and start-up company.

Technical proficiency, ability to learn new techniques quickly, effective problem solving, and critical thinking are essential skills.

The successful candidate will work independently, as well as collaboratively within a multifunctional team, and direct the work of research assistants. Effective communication skills are essential, including scientific writing for preparation of manuscripts and grant proposals. Opportunity to participate as a principal investigator in grant submissions for federal and other support mechanisms.

Also desirable, knowledge of next-generation sequencing data analysis, assay development, and clinical genetics. 

-       Ph.D. required

-       U.S. Residency or Citizenship required.



We are looking for a talented person with significant background in the NGS industry.


  • Sequencing data manipulation and pipeline construction
  • sophisticated background in NGS, WGS, WGA and common sequencing platforms
  • data analysis QC, CLI, data management and visualization 
  • team player



A position is available for a highly motivated individual with laboratory skills in cell and molecular biology, and completion of a bachelors or masters degree in an appropriate field of biology. Experience working in an industry setting is desirable. Opportunity to work in both university laboratory and a spin-off company. 

-       Should have extensive knowledge of molecular biology, including PCR, and ability to learn next generation sequencing (Illumina), library preparation, and quality controls.

-       Cell isolation, culture and analysis, including immunocytochemistry, westerns, ELISA and cell-based assays.

-       Documentation of laboratory results and preparation of reports, including presentations to the research group.

-       Communicate effectively (verbal, written) with colleagues and supervisor.

-       Basic laboratory duties such as preparation of reagents, stocking of supplies, maintaining the work area, and related duties, as required.

Minimum Qualifications:

-       B.S. required.

-       U.S. Residency or Citizenship


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